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This 100% wildflower mat has been designed to create a beautiful natural wildflower meadow over a prolonged flowering period. With a combination of wildflowers and perennials this mix has been planted at the correct density for optimum establishment to achieve a prolonged flowering period, ideal for biodiversity and visual impact.

This also acts as an important nectar source for bees, butterflies and other insects. Flowering height is 40–80cm. There are 20 plus carefully selected wildflower species sown in our Wildflower Turf, all have been chosen so that different plants flower at different times providing a dynamic
and ever-changing display.

The soil type that the meadow is established in will determine the type of flowers which grow best in the environment and the mixture will also adapt according to rainfall and temperature during different seasons.

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Growing mat Spec: 450g per m² biodegradable Grassfelt

Weight: Approx 15kg per m² when moist, approx 22kg per m² when saturated

Roll Length: Variable dependant on site measurements and handling ability

Fixing Options: 150mm biodegradable plastic biopegs

Roll Width: 0.75-2.0 metres

For Slopes: Frequency 1-3 per m² dependant on slope gradient


All the species

Common name: Yarrow

Latin name: Achillea millefolium

Height: Up to 80cm

Common name: Greater Knapweed

Latin name: Centaurea scabiosa

Height: Up to 100cm

Common name: Wild Carrot

Latin name: Daucus carota

Height: Up to 75cm

Common name: Meadowsweet

Latin name: Filipendula ulmaria

Height: Up to 125cm

Common name: Hedge Bedstraw

Latin name: Galium album / Galium mollugo

Common name: Lady’s bedstraw

Latin name: Gallium verum

Height: Up to 80cm

Common name: Field Scabious

Latin name: Knautia arvensis

Common name: Rough Hawkbit

Latin name: Leontodon hispidus

Common name: Oxeye Daisy

Latin name: Leucanthemum vulgare

Height: 60-90cm

Common name: Bird’s-foot trefoil

Latin name: Lotus corniculatus

Height: 20-40cm

Common name: Wild Marjoram

Latin name: Origanum vulgare

Height: Up to 50cm

Common name: Ribwort plantain

Latin name:  Plantago lanceolate

Height: 10-40cm

Common name: Selfheal

Latin name: Prunella vulgaris

Height: 30-60cm

Common name: Hoary plantain

Latin name:  Plantago media

Common name: Salad burnet

Latin name: Sanguisorba minor

Height: Up to 50cm

Common name: Cowslip

Latin name: Primula veris

Height: Up to 25cm

Common name: Yellow rattle

Latin name: Rhinanthus minor

Height: Up to 45cm

Common name: Common Sorrel

Latin name: Rumex acetosa

Height: Up to 60cm

Common name: Ragged robin

Latin name: Lychnis flos-cuculi

Height: Up to 75cm

Common name: Red campion

Latin name: Silene dioica

Height: 30-80cm

Common name: Bladder Campion

Latin name: Silene vulgaris

Height: Up to 80cm

Common name: Viper’s Bugloss

Latin name: Echium vulgare

Height: Up to 80cm

Common name: Spiked Speedwell

Latin name: Veronica spicata

Common name: Chives

Latin name: Allium schoenoprasum

Common name: Toadflax

Latin name: Linaria vulgaris

Height: Up to 75cm

Common name: Common Thyme

Latin name: Thymus vulgare

Height: Up to 5cm

Common name: Carthusian Pink

Latin name: Dianthus carthusianorum

Euroflor Urban Meadows

Beautiful, colourful displays of vibrant flowering meadows, providing cover and food for birds, insects and many species of mammals. Giving back to nature what has previously been taken away.

With over 30 stunning mixtures all germination tested, you can choose your ideal Euroflor mix for your landscape space. Consisting of annuals, bi-annual and perennials and containing both garden flowers and wild flower species in varying proportions, the originality resides in their effect for colour balance, species diversity and natural aspect.

Euroflor brings economic benefits through minimising operating costs, such as reduced water consumption, plus environmental benefits – by conserving biodiversity and introducing more ecological practices. With equal importance, it brings cultural benefits through added value to landscapes and natural places, and can also play an educational role in environmental awareness.

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