Specifically grown for the sports industry

Tournament Greens

Tried, and tested. This formula has been unrolled onto prestigious greens up and down the country. Grown on free-draining, sandy loam soil. A dense bent/fescue sward with very high purity and low thatch content.

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Low Maintenance Fine Turf

There are numerous applications for LT2.    Exposed drought prone areas, difficult banks, Highway verges, Salty or coastal areas and Green roofs, all are ideal for LT2.

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Smooth Stalk Tees

LT4 has a fine appearance from the high fescue content and quick regrowth from the rhizomes of smooth stalk which will certainly help when maintaining a fine grass.

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Rye Tees

The combination of wear tolerant ryegrasses and dense smooth stalked meadow grass provides outstanding wear and recovery.

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LT6 is designed to withstand the wear and tear inflicted on sports pitches. Football pitches, rugby pitches, training grounds, racecourses, polo grounds and school pitches.

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Creeping Rye

The response we are getting from this new product is complimentary to say the least. Its deep emerald green appearance is so appealing and it’s extremely hardwearing with rapid repair qualities.

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We have done the hard work for you; our re-vetting turf is supplied in ready-cut, easy to handle strips.

Washed Turf

Supplied as a mature turf washed, using a highly specialised machine to remove all soil particles leaving a turf held together entirely by its root system.  Roots faster as it seeks water and nutrients.  establishment time 3 to 5 weeks dependent on temperature.

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The professional choice, naturally.

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