Tournament Greens (LT1)

A dense Bent/Fescue sward with very high purity and low thatch content.

The final composition is usually 60-70% Bent and 30-40% Fescue. Accurate botanical composition carried out by an independent RIPTA agronomist available. Grown to order on USGA specification rootzone.

Sown Mixture: 30% bent, 30% slender creeping red fescue and 40% chewings.

Low Maintenance (LT2)

An environmentally sustainable mixture suitable for intensive (greens) or extensive use (fairways and semi-rough). Salt tolerant, will tolerate sand splash, will mow down to 5mm or can be left to grow to natural height of 200mm.

Uses: Greens and greens surrounds as a fescue green replacement, exposed drought drone areas and for difficult banks where mowing is a problem.

Sown Mixture: 25% crested hairgrass, 20% hard fescue, 35% slender creeping red fescue, 20% chewings fescue.

Creeping Rye

New creeping rye turf is extremely hard wearing. The creeping rye aspect of this turf grow and repairs rapidly making it ideal for heavy traffic areas such as tees and pathways.

Features: Able to auto-repair quickly via reproductive tillers, has exceptional wear tolerance, flexibility in mowing height and reduced mowing compared to traditional rye grass.

Sown Mixtures: 25% creeping rye grass, 20% smooth stalked meadow grass, 35% barpearl slender creeping red fescue, 20% chewings fescue.

Smooth Stalk (LT4)

A high quality mixture of smooth stalked meadow grass and fescues combining fine appearance with hard wear and recovery. Suitable for golf tees, surrounds & ornamental lawns.

Sown Mixture: 30% smooth stalked meadow grass, 35% slender creeping red fescue, 20% chewings fescue, 15% creeping red fescue.

Rye Tees (LT5)

A hard wearing mix combining the repair and recovery of wear tolerant ryegrasses with a dense smooth stalked meadow grass/fescue base.

Sown Mixture: 30% perennial rye grass, 15% smooth stalked meadow grass, 27.5% chewings fescue, 27.5% slender creeping red fescue.

Hardwearing & Shade (LT6)

LT6 is a turf with rye grass as the main constituent, yet with a strong presence of smooth stalked meadow grass, valuable for wear and recovery in a difficult winter. Once in play, the fescue element will reduce allowing the smooth stalked meadow grass to increase to a level dictated by the management regime.

Features: Hard wearing, quick recovery, disease resistant.

Sown Mixture: 60% hard wearing dwarf perennial rye grass, 25% smooth stalked meadow grass, 15% slender creeping red fescue.

Festival (LT7)

Festival LT7 grade lawn turf is renowned for its outstanding appearance and strong green colour. The turf also benefits from being easy to maintain with a dense and hardwearing structure.

Features: Outstanding appearance and strong green colour, hardwearing and dense, easy to maintain.

Sown mixture: 25% dwarf perennial ryegrass, 35% slender creeping red fescue, 20% smooth stalked meadow grass, 20% chewings fescue.

Washed Turf

All grades can be supplied as a mature turf washed using highly specialised machinery to remove all soil particles prior to laying on a free draining sand rootzone.

Big Rolls

Big rolls are available 0.75 or 1.05m width x up to 28m length, final thickness 15 -20mm.

Tractor mounted laying frames or handheld trolleys are available for hire when laying big rolls.

Revetting Turf

Ready cut in easy to handle strips 250mm x 1050mm, Cut 30-40mm thick, Good thatch, Sprayed off or unsprayed available, 80 pieces per pallet provides approximately, 3 Face Metres