LT1 Tournament Greens

It’s tried, and it’s tested. This formula has been unrolled onto prestigious greens up and down the country.

Tournament greens is grown on free draining, sandy loam soil. A dense bent/fescue sward with very high purity and low thatch content.

It can also be supplied washed. The washing process will avoid contamination of high specification rootzones and there will be no layering to impede the root development or water percolation.

If you need your turf to root quickly, this is the solution as the roots quickly search to seek water and nutrients.   A further advantage will be a greater biomass of roots, along with reduced devoting. Finally, establishment time is fast, potentially giving a playable surface between 3 to 5 weeks dependent on temperature. Contact us for essential guideline on managing washed turf.

Its outstanding properties are hard wearing with quick repair and recovery. Mowing height at harvest is between 6-8mm,

Sown mixture: 30% bent 30% slender creeping red fescue and 40% chewing’s fescue.

LT2 Low Maintenance Fine Turf

On the golf course LT2 provides an environmentally sustainable solution

This low maintenance turf has a fine appearance, it requires reduced irrigation, fertiliser and fungicide inputs and has a greatly reduced mowing regime. With the added benefit of mowing short as low as 5mm or left unmown up to 600mm.

This adaptable turf is ideally suited to many areas on the golf course which include greens, surrounds and fairways. Bunker surrounds which are exposed to draught, sand and difficult banks where frequent mowing is a challenge, will also be good choices to place LT2 low maintenance.

Low fertiliser inputs are required due to excellent disease resistance to red thread, fusarium and dollar spot. It can be treated extensively with only one to 2 cuts per year or intensively as a low input fine grass with a greatly reduced mowing regime

Sown Mixture Crested Hairgrass, Hard Fescue, Slender Creeping Red Fescue

LT4 Smooth Stalk Tees

A great choice when aesthetics and hard wearing is important. Also when a rye-based turf is not a preferred option.

LT4 is a popular choice with greenkeepers. It’s a quality mixture of smooth stalked meadow grass and 70 % fescues, combines appearance with hard wearing properties and fast recovery.   The smooth stalk runs consistently through the turf and the quick regrowth from rhizomes make it an excellent alternative to 100% fescue on wear areas.

LT4 has been successfully used on tees and fairways on all types of golf courses across the nation.

Sown mixture 30% smooth stalked meadow grass 35% slender creeping red fescue 20% chewing’s fescue 15% creeping red fescue.

LT5 Rye Tees

The combination of wear tolerant ryegrasses and dense smooth stalked meadow grass provides outstanding wear and recovery.

LT5 is suitable for heavy clay areas and will perform equally well on free draining sandy soils. Successfully used on tees including par 3’s and municipal courses where extreme wear and heavy footfall can be challenging.

LT5 is a dense hardwearing mixture with quick repair and recovery. For a premium alternative to LT5 try upgrading to LT8 Creeping Rye for sports.

Sown mixture 30% Perennial Ryegrass 15% Smooth stalked Meadow Grass 27.5 % chewing’s Fescue 27.5% Slender Creeping Red Fescue.

LT8 Creeping Rye

“It’s like nothing I have seen before, it’s very quick to repair, I won’t be using anything else.” – Adam Tudor, Barlaston Golf Club.

The response we are getting from this new product is complimentary to say the least. Its deep emerald green appearance is so appealing and it’s extremely hardwearing with rapid repair qualities. The fine appearance has been well received on the golf course where it has been used successfully on pathways, heavy wear areas and more recently it has been trailed on tees.

During trials this turf has proven to very drought tolerant and even through the very warm weather experienced in 2018 it retained its dense quality and deep green colour

Creeping rye for sports is suitable for football goal mouths, run lines and any sporting area where traditionally wear has been a challenge. When combined with our hybrid range the results have been outstanding.

Sown mixture Creeping Ryegrass smooth stalked meadow grass Fescue

Where there‘s wear there’s a way.

Our range of hybrid turf has been installed in 1000’s of installations across Europe.

From years of experience developing this hybrid range, it is fully
understood that not all wear challenges are the same. The full hybrid range is designed with specific wear challenges in mind. In some instances, a grade may be adapted to create the perfect solution for a specific issue, it may be a simple tweak such as changing the pile height, but it will make all the difference once in situ.

Coverlawn is constructed with an extremely strong knotted polyester underside into which polyethylene pile of grass is attached. The density of the underside starts at 1000 denier and the pile length starts from 12mm.

We have thought hard about introducing a product that is not entirely natural into our range, after much research and consideration of many ecological challenges we believe that this is a good half way house option and deserves a place sitting alongside our other extremely environmentally friendly products.

Hybrid turf reduces environmental damage over synthetic options and also the use of chemicals required to optimise growth of 100% pure grass which would otherwise turn to mud without chemical intervention.

CL1201 Winter Tees

This new knitted construction hybrid turf reinforces and protects natural grass from the root system up.

Winter Tees is specifically designed for golf tees, driving ranges and par 3,4 and 5 courses, the short piles (12mm) together with the hole size and strong underside mean that integration with natural grass is a rapid process.

Installation of our hybrid turf is quick and easy as it can be laid directly onto an existing mown turf surface or can be seeded. When seeding the hybrid mat will also act as a germination blanket encouraging quick growth and faster integration in cooler conditions.

Do your members prefer to play on a grass tee box rather than an artificial playing surface? Would you like the ability to keep summer tees in play all year round?

There are many ways this hybrid turf can improve play on the golf course, see our website for further information before & after photos and case studies.

NRT2202 Pathway Lite

The turf sporting industry is doing its best to move back to a natural grass path where possible. Hybrid turf enables this to happen. Natural grass paths are the first preference of walkway however with the foot traffic and the expectance of year-round play this makes having a grass pathway quite challenging leaving
the need to look at other options.

We believe grass pathways are an important route to pursue however we also accept that they need a bit of a helping hand, which is where our hybrid turf comes into play. Enabling all the natural pros of a grass pathway such as the drainage, aesthetics and environmental qualities but making sure the walkway can handle the traffic as not to undo all the hard work.

Integrating with the root system and sitting amongst the grass sword the light pathway takes all the wear whilst protecting the crown of the plant and aintaining the look of the natural grass sword above.

NRT3002 Pathway Natural

Pathway Natural differs from pathway lite. The backing is slightly stronger, the pile on top is slightly longer at 38mm, and it is made of a different material which creates more friction making it ideal for use on slopes.

The combination of green piles with the use of brown strands to replicate thatch means that the topping looks very natural so even when first installed it will blend in well with the environment. Once integrated even in extremes cases of wear the product still looks very natural and provides excellent cover should some wear occur.

NRT3002 is perfect for hills, embankments, heavy traffic pathways and any area where natural grass may struggle. Itwill help the natural grass to cope with the heavy wear yet retain a strong root system. This product can be used in temporary or permanent situations, for example it is a good choice for concerts held on sporting stadiums where heavy footfall and bad weather conditions may cause severe damage and be very costly to repair.

Pathway Natural also stabilises the ground making it suitable for disabled use outdoors, as the ground can be strengthened, providing a stable grassed area all year round.

Wildflower Turf

This 100% wildflower mat has been designed to create a beautiful natural wildflower meadow over a prolonged flowering period.

With a combination of wildflowers and perennials this mix has been planted at the correct density for optimum establishment to achieve a prolonged flowering period, ideal for biodiversity and visual impact. An important nectar source for bees, butterflies and other insects.

Flowering height is 40-80cm. There are 20 plus carefully selected wildflower species sown in our wildflower turf, all have been chosen
so that different plants flower at different times providing a dynamic and ever-changing display.

The soil type that the meadow is established in will determine the type of flowers which grow best in the environment and the mixture will also adapt according to rainfall and temperature during different seasons.

The same mixture can be supplied as a seed, this can be used to add to the wildflower turf or sown on its own.

Wildflower Turf Seed

The same carefully designed seed mix used in our wildflower turf can also be supplied as a seed.

Success establishing wildflowers from seed can be tricky and time-consuming, you are unlikely to achieve the same stunning results as our instant wildflower turf but overtime with patience and continued work it is possible to create a wildflower meadow from seed.

Also add Wildflower Turf seed to your existing meadow if required.

Euroflor Urban Meadows

Beautiful, colourful displays of vibrant flowering meadows, providing cover and food for bird’s, insects and many species of mammals. Giving back to nature what has previously been taken away.

With over 30 stunning mixtures all germination tested, you can choose your ideal Euroflor mix for your landscape space.

Consisting of annuals, bi-annual and perennials and containing both garden flowers and wild flower species in varying proportions, the originality resides in their effect for colour balance, species diversity and natural aspect.

Euroflor brings economic benefits through minimizing operating costs such as reduced water consumption. Environmental benefits by conserving biodiversity & introducing more ecological practises and with equal importance cultural benefits through added value to landscapes and natural places along with playing an educational role in environmental awareness.

Flora Native Wildflower Seed

Designed, embracing environmental landscape architect specifications.

Introducing a diverse range of native uk provenance wildflower mixtures to create, restore and enhance distinct habitats. All wild flora is native or naturalised origin ensuring quality, reliability and performance.

Available in mixtures of 100% wildflower or wildflowers with grasses. Features flowering species found in the RHS “perfect for pollinators” list.

From acidic to alkaline, coastal to clay and wetland to woodland Reclamation, SuDs drainage schemes, solar farms, road and rail, golf courses, country estates and more. Bespoke habitat mixtures are periodically necessary and available on request.

A range of specialist grasses complete the collection.


A beautiful Sedum matting sustainably grown in the UK, with 16 stunning varieties.

This exceptional blend of sedum plants provides interest and colour throughout the extended flowering period. The colours range from greens to vibrant reds, oranges, purples and browns with a unique mix of different plants offering many leaf types and flowers to not only produce a blend of beautiful textures but also provide enhanced biodiversity.

This Low maintenance, drought tolerant mat initially grown for Green roofs, is also versatile enough to look stunning on any area that requires low growing plant and minimal maintenance.