Lokturf is designed specifically for high performance, high impact situations, such as sports pitches, car parks and visitor attractions.

Lokturf is a mature turf for instant use, 40mm thick, grown by seeding hard-wearing cultivars of perennial ryegrass and smooth stalked meadow grass into Loksand, and polypropylene fibre reinforced rootzone.


  • Immediate use
  • Surfaces that stay firm and level for longer
  • Greater resistance to wear and tear
  • Rapid drainage by reducing rootzone compaction
  • Less devoting and ore active grass recovery
  • Durable load bearing surface


  • Sports pitches – replacement of worn areas. For example, goal mouths or whole pitch replacement
  • Equestrian – jump landings benefit from the stabilising and shock absorbing effects
  • High wear situations – such as grass car parks, walkways and fire access roads
  • High traffic areas around golf courses

Turf and Rootzone:

  • LT6 Sports turf grass mixture (comprising 60% Perennial Ryegrass, 25% Smooth Stalked Meadow Grass and 15% Slender Creeping Red Fescues) growing in a Loksand polypropylene fibre reinforced rootzone.

Roll size: 1.05m x 8.0m

Thickness: 35-40mm

Weight: 60-70KG per square metre

Installation: To be laid using specialist machinery onto either soil or Loksand rootzone (depending on the load bearing requirements) that has been carefully consolidated and levelled.