All Turf Soil Conditioner

A slow release pre turf fertiliser

All Turf Soil Conditioner 10.0.4 is a high quality organic fertiliser derived from sugar cane waste with less than 1% phosphorus. 10.0.4 contains most of the organic components essential to a natural humus-richsoil; this includes approx.25% fulvic acid content and a combined humicacid /amino acid content of 16%. It stimulates the steady healthy growth of plant roots and foliage and is a powerful biostimulant for natural soil bacteria and fungi. Also it improves the structure of soil and growing media and its low pH helps to maintain acid conditions in growing media and peat–freecomposts. Soil Conditioner improves the structure of soil and growing media, improves nutrient retention and availability and improves soil moisture retention.

Application & Storage

Mix with soil or growing media at 5-12kg per m3 i.e. 0.5%-1.2% by volume. Application can be repeated as required during the growing season. As a surface dressing apply at 35-75gms per m2. Store in supplied container. Keep dry. Do not subject the product to extremes of temperature.


  • Slow-release organic granular fertiliser
  • Stimulates low light and cool season growth
  • Very high fulvic acid content
  • High humic acid and amino acid content
  • Promotes healthy plant root and foliar growth
  • Stimulates beneficial biology in the soil and growing media
  • Improves soil structure and maintains acid pH
  • Improves water retention in growing media
Potassium Min0.3% P2O5
Sulphur4% K2O
Manganese89 mg/kg
Zinc36 mg/kg
Iron332 mg/kg
Humic Acid3.8%
Fulvic Acid26%
Amino Acids11.5%