Summer Maintenance Tips

May to August

For best results mow your lawn twice a week during the summer months, reduce down to once a week during dry spells.

When the lawn shows signs of fading colour, apply a further application of fertiliser, it is very important that you don’t scorch the lawn so apply when the ground is moist, when rainfall is expected or manually if rain is not forecast.

Apply the fertiliser early in the morning when the ground temperature is cooler and before the sun comes out

If your lawn needs an instant boost apply a fast release fertiliser you will see an immediate improvement with in 3 days, for an already healthy lawn you may prefer to apply a slow release fertiliser which will last over several weeks.

For an organic alternative you can try an organic based fertiliser such as chicken manure pellets.

Repeat a further application if required. Generally, following any prolonged period of extreme weather, an application of fertiliser will be beneficial to put back valuable nutrients back into the lawn that may have being lost during the period.

Do not apply high nitrogen spring/summer feeds after August, as these will encourage growth at the wrong time of year causing possible damage from pests and disease.