Spring Maintenance Tips

Late March to April

Start making plans to get your garden into shape for summer, if you can get ahead now you really will reap the rewards later.

Regular maintenance of your lawn is the best approach to avoid the need for renovation later on.

Use a nitrogen based fertiliser to help strengthen and improve the lawn following the harsh winter months.

kick start the growing process and help to prevent weeds and moss from establishing to promote a dense thick lawn.

Moss is an issue in damp and poorly drained lawns, spring is a good time to remedy this. Use a weed feed and moss killer and apply when the weather is slightly warmer and more consistent to achieve best results.

It is important to evenly apply the fertiliser when the ground is moist or when rainfall is due.

Mostly, spring weather will mean regular rain but If we have a dry spell with little or no rainfall, it may be beneficial to

water the lawn at this time.

Consider which feeding regime will be best for you over the coming months, there are many fertiliser options on the market, some better than others.   We recommend the use of quality professional products. Please call us if you would like further advice.

Over seed any sparse areas and damage that has occurred over the winter, this will help to prevent weeds and unsightly weed grasses from taking control, which can rapidly happen during the growing season.

Ideally over seed your lawn using the same seed mix as the turf, or if this is not possible over seed the whole lawn to achieve uniformity.

During the spring months mow your lawn weekly, mowing is one of the most important tasks in maintaining a strong lush and healthy lawn.