Common Lawn Weeds

If you love a beautiful lawn, common lawn weeds can be a source of aggravation.  One of the best ways to control lawn weeds is to practice prevention, don’t let them take hold in the first place.  This labour-intensive method is not always viable and if you do have weeds appearing in the lawn you will need to identify the weed and choose the correct method of elimination or control.

Weeds have different characteristics and need to be controlled using different methods, each type of weed will require a unique weed killer and method of application, so best to learn your weeds then find out what works best.

Correctly identifying the weed means you can find the correct method of control from the outset. The two main types of weeds found in the lawns are grassy weeds and broadleaf weeds.

With over 70 different species of broadleaf weeds, here are a few most commonly found in the lawn

Bulbous buttercup, Daisy, Dandelion, Common chickweed, Mouse ear chickweed, Red clover,White clover, parsley peirt, cats’ ear, creeping buttercup, lesser trefoil.  We may love some of these flowers in a meadow, but they are not great when they appear in your lawn.

Broad leaf weeds look different from grassy weeds and these phycological differences means they can be treated without killing the surrounded plants.  Application to each leaf on the weed controls the spreading and helps to kill the weed, if these weeds are not controlled, they will take over and become a nuisance.

Herbicides are an effective way to control weeds.  To kill the weeds without damaging the grass choose a selective weed killer or granular lawn treatment that states that it will kill lawn weeds.

Grassy weeds are unsightly and although they are natural grasses they will stand out in your lawn.

Annual meadow grass, rough meadow grass, cocks’ foot, Yorkshire fog, common couch.

Getting rid of grassy weeds can be tricky, prevention rather can cure is the best plan of attack as many chemicals that previously worked are no longer available.  It’s worth researching up to date information as more products are being trailed, more knowledge is becoming available.