Hybrid Turf Maintenance

How to get the best results out of your ‘CoverLawn’ installation?

Maintenance for Immediate use

After installation top dress with sand 0-4mm, this will enable a solid connection between the soil and the coverlawn and will enhance integration.

It is important to keep a close eye during integration especially if the grass has not started to grow and you have heavy rainfall or heavy footfall. If this happens the top dressing may subside in the soil creating small cavities under the ‘CoverLawn’

Inspect the ‘CoverLawn’ frequently 2-3 times per week to ensure you still have good contact with the soil and add additional top dressing if the CoverLawn has lost soil contact.

If the Coverlawn has been installed when there is low natural growth or if there little or no rain, it is very important to water manually to kick off the integration. If it is very cold a germination blanket will aid the integration process.

Once Integration is completed:

Mow the grass after approximately 10 days. You can check if it is integrated by lifting the CoverLawn and if it has entwined with the natural grass it is ready to mow. Be very careful when mowing if there are any loose ends, as it would be easy to catch the Cover Lawn in the early stages.

Once fully integrated ‘CoverLawn’ will visually disappear, you will only see natural grass. To check Integration is in progress lift back the ‘CoverLawn’ and check how the grass is holding. When ‘CoverLawn’ is integrated it will be firmly connected with the grass and you can’t pull it up.


If you use a manual rotary mower the surface must be flat.

If you use a ride on mower the integration should be completed before mowing. Use a manual mower until integration is ready.

Ongoing maintenance

Contact the office for further advice.