Hybrid Turf FAQs

What are some of the main uses for CoverLawn?

Path ends, sports pitches, umpire’s run lines & coaches’ Technical areas, Winter tees on golf courses, any public area where wear is an issue plus many more.

Here are just some of the sectors where hybrid can be used. Schools, Universities, Pubs and restaurants, Playgrounds, Recreational, Sports including Football & Golf Churches, Parks & Zoos Residential and disabled access areas.

Why CoverLawn?

Our range of hybrid has been installed in 1000’s of installations across Europe, we have learnt what works and where. Each grade has been tweaked and changed to ensure the best results are achieved. We back up all our products with expert advice and continued support.

When is the best time to install hybrid turf?

CoverLawn can be installed at any time of the year, but to give it it’s best chance to thrive install during the growing season so it will be fully integrated and ready to use.

Can you install Coverlawn onto turf or seed?

Either, if laying over turf mow the existing grass as short as possible before installing CoverLawn or under seed with a seed of choice.

The cover lawn will act as a germination blanket and the seed will establish quickly in cooler conditions. We also recommend applying a pre-seed fertilizer at the time of installation.

How often do you need to water?

Watering during integration is essential If it is hot weather and you don’t have access to a sprinkler then manual watering is needed. If the weather is too cold you must cover the surface with a suitable cover.

How do you maintain the hybrid once installed?

Start to mow the grass after approximately 10 days. To check integration, CoverLawn, will visually disappear when the natural grass takes over.   If you pull CoverLawn back and you can feel the grass is holding, then integration has taken place and you can mow.

Can you aerate CoverLawn?

Do not use a vertidrain or slitter as this would break the stability of the CL. It is possible if required to use solid tines to aerate the area, or manually with a fork. If immediate use of the CoverLawn is required, it is essential to keep control and avoid as much as possible during the integration process.

Do you have to wait for integration before use?

If immediate use of the CoverLawn is required, avoid as much as possible during the integration process.

How long will Coverlawn last?

The product will last 15 years plus. As CoverLawn is still relatively new we cannot say beyond this.

Once installed what does the hybrid look like?

It depends on which hybrid grade you choose, some look very natural when first installed even so, after a few days there will be a visible change with the natural grass taking over and full integration is normally achieved after 6-8 weeks.

The areas we are looking at get very muddy, how will CoverLawn help?

Coverlawn is constructed with a very strong polyester underside into which polyethylene/polypropylene piles of grass are knotted.

Natural grass piles wear away leaving bare and potentially muddy areas and the grass roots are left unprotected.   CoverLawn will prevent this from happening as the roots have space to establish themselves and give out new shoots without impact.

How will Coverlawn help with wear issues?

The design of coverlawn means that the piles of the natural grass can grow up through the hybrid unhindered and the crown of the plant is protected underneath.

The properties of the grass, together with the pattern in the reinforced hybrid will stimulate the integration between the grass and the coverlawn.

Will the hybrid show through if extreme loads are applied?

Yes this possible, however you should not be left with a muddy bare area, there will likely still be some integration which will look natural and if rested the natural grass will soon grow back in a growing season as the crown of the plant is protected. The size of the hole of the Hybrid is very key in the prevention of mud and wear.

Will I need to install drainage?

It will depend on the level of drainage already available and if water logging is an issue. But in most instances CoverLawn® drains 100%, meaning that it also provides complete ventilation.

Is it difficult to install the hybrid?

Lay out like a carpet over existing grass or seed, it is relatively easy to install CoverLawn, however there are some important points that will help with the install, we always happy to provide advice to ensure the best results will be achieved.

How do I choose the correct hybrid?

If in any doubt speak to us we are happy to provide further answers to your questions.