LT7 Festival

There is a reason why our customers love Festival, it is used by house builders for show homes, designers for award winning gardens and landscapers who take pride in laying a beautiful lawn for their customers.

This turf has an outstanding appearance, a rich green colour and is strong and easy to lay.   Its hardwearing properties and dense appearance will make an instant impact and will enhance any landscaped garden.

Importantly this turf is easy to maintain so the end user with the right after care will continue to take pleasure from their lawn for many years to come

Festival can be used in many landscaping situations where a good value quality grass is required.

Sown mixture perennial ryegrass, slender creeping red fescue smooth stalk meadow grass chewing’s fescue.

Can be supplied in small 1m2 (610mm x 1640mm) or Big rolls (0.73 or 1.05 x 28m)

LT8 Festival Plus

Festival plus is an exciting, new product

This grade is a show stopper and can be used as a premium alternative to LT7 Festival it is extremely hardwearing and quick to repair and with the right maintenance it will tolerate being mown a little shorter, giving a uniformed finish to domestic lawns and parks.

Unlike traditional hardwearing grasses it has a finer appearance.  With a rich emerald green colour and dense sward, it’s an excellent choice if high wear is a challenge, such as walkways and high foot traffic areas in gardens and landscapes situations.

During trials this turf has proven to be very drought tolerant and through the very warm summer we experienced in 2018 from start to finish it looked and performed immaculately retaining its green colour into the winter months.

Sown mixture Creeping Ryegrass smooth stalked meadow grass Fescue

LT2 Low Maintenance Fine Turf

This low maintenance turf has found a niche in the market

There are numerous applications for LT2.    Exposed drought prone areas, difficult banks, Highway verges, Salty or coastal areas and Green roofs, all are ideal for LT2.

Left to grow long LT2 low maintenance turf produces has a very attractive seed head, creating a perfect wispy grass which complements a wildflower meadow beautifully.

Benefits of this slow growing versatile turf include a reduced cutting frequency by a least half, with a reduction in the number of clippings to be removed. This turf performs well in low fertility areas as it requires very little nutrient input, a further bonus, when considering the ongoing costs of managing a living a product.

Sown mixture Crested Hairgrass, Hard Fescue, Slender Creeping Red Fescue

LT2 is Very draught tolerant & Salt tolerant.  Low fertiliser inputs are required due to excellent disease resistance to red thread fusarium and dollar spot.  It can be treated extensively with only one or 2 cuts per year or intensively as a low input fine grass with a greatly reduced mowing regime.

LT6 Sports

LT6 has a high rye content making it a good choice in some landscaping situations such as high wear areas in the gardens, children play areas etc.

We also use LT6 in shade situations.  Used in conjunction with our molasses based organic fertiliser, which will aid with retention of moisture and nutrients.  This combination has successfully helped when trying to combat and alleviate shade challenges.  When managing shade, it is also key to keep the grass longer, keep well-watered & spiking the area to increase air movement can also help.

Sown mixture 50% dwarf perennial rye 30% smooth stalk meadow grass and 20% slender creeping red fescue.

LT4 Smooth Stalk Ornamental

Aiming for an ornamental lawn? This may be the one.

LT4 has a fine appearance from the high fescue content and quick regrowth from the rhizomes of smooth stalk which will certainly help when maintaining a fine grass.

This is the time to consider if the ground is suitable for a fine lawn. The soil must be free draining and sandy. To keep this lawn in tip top condition it will require a good knowledge of lawn maintenance and require regular treatments. If these requirements sound unsuitable would LT7 Festival be a better choice?

Sown mixture 30% smooth stalked meadow grass 35% slender creeping red fescue 20% chewing’s fescue 15% creeping red fescue.

WOW Grass

Going for Gold, choose WOW grass for your show garden.

WOW grass is the turf we recommend for any turf aspect of a show garden this includes the surrounds as it will frame your garden beautifully.

There are endless ways WOW grass can be used. This product is a designers dream.

Not only can WOW grass be harvested in longer rolls to create a seamless look, but also the felt matting in which it is grown retains water, giving you more time to concentrate on other important areas of your garden.

WOW grass is used throughout RHS flower shows.