LT7 Festival

Our customers love Festival, it is used by house builders for show homes, designers for award winning gardens and landscapers who take pride in laying a beautiful lawn for their customers.

(Please note: minimum order of 30m2)

LT8 Festival Plus

The response we are getting from this new product is complimentary to say the least. Its deep emerald green appearance is so appealing and it’s extremely hardwearing with rapid repair qualities.

(Please note: minimum order of 30m2)

Wildflower Turf

This 100% wildflower mat has been designed to create a beautiful natural wildflower meadow over a prolonged flowering period. With a combination of wildflowers and perennials this mix has been planted at the correct density for optimum establishment to achieve a prolonged flowering period, ideal for biodiversity and visual impact.

Euroflor Seed

With over 30 stunning mixtures all germination tested, you can choose your ideal Euroflor mix for your landscape space. Consisting of annuals, bi-annual and perennials and containing both garden flowers and wild flower species in varying proportions, the originality resides in their effect for colour balance, species diversity and natural aspect.


Ready as an instant vegetation layer, with the plants established and growing in a strong felt.


Green Roof Substrate is a blend of lightweight manufactured topsoil and lightweight aggregate.


Roofdrain provides a lightweight drainage layer with a water reservoir to sustain plant growth.