What is CoverLawn?

CoverLawn is the new hybrid grass product made from artificial turf. Together with the natural grass they form a very strong and long-lasting combination.  The grass root system is protected by the reinforcement from CoverLawn. At the same time as the roots get protection, CoverLawn allows the grass to grow up through the reinforcement. The root conditions together with the pattern in the reinforcement start the integration between grass and CoverLawn. After a few days you can see a significant change where the natural grass is dominating the appearance before total integration is ready. When the integration is done you will see a natural lawn. By mechanical load from animals, humans, vehicles etc. the natural piles are worn away to became soil and finally the root system is affected.

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CL 1201

This hybrid is ideally suited for area of heavy foot fall where there is good natural growth, specifically designed for golf tees, driving ranges and par 3,4 and 5 courses.

  • 12mm Pile

  • 2.4m Width

  • 25m Length

CL 2802

This versatile product can be used for a variety of applications for areas under constant use including sporting venues, and multi purpose playing fields whatever the contour of the terrain/undulations.

  • 28mm Pile

  • 2m Width

  • 25m Length

CL 4003

This versatile product can be used for a variety of applications for areas under constant use including sporting venues, and multi purpose playing fields whatever the contour of the terrain/undulations.

  • 33mm Pile

  • 2m Width

  • 25m Length

NRT 3002

The longer pile gives instant impact allowing immediate use in areas with heavy traffic.

  • 38mm Pile

  • 2.4m Width

  • 25m Length

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Installation Instructions

1. Prepare the area by cutting to the lowest sword height possible.

2. Position the CoverLawn, turf iron side one and fold back the turf.

3. Pin the entire length of side one with the biodegradable pins and replace the turf.

4. Stretch the CoverLawn to measure the next required furrow and turf iron side two.

5. Working along the length, stretch the CoverLawn to maximum tension and pin.

6. Bury and pin side three of the CoverLawn then replace the turf.

7. Repeat step six for the last remaining side.

8. Pin the middle section of the CoverLawn ensuring no loose areas.

Maintenance Instructions

Immediate Use:
If immediate use of the CoverLawn is required it is essential to keep control and avoid as much as possible during the integration process.
1. Soil contact: After installation top up CoverLawn with top dressing 0-4 mm to enable a solid contact between the soil and CoverLawn in order to enhance the integration. If you have rain or heavy loads before the grass has started to grow, your top dressing may subside in the soil and small cavities may occur under CoverLawn.
2. Inspection: Supervise CoverLawn frequently 2-3 times per week ensure good soil contact.
3. Action: Top up with top dressing when the reinforcement has lost soil contact.
4. Growth: If it is hot weather and you don’t have access to a sprinkler then manual watering is needed. If the weather is too cold you must cover the surface with a suitable cover.

Integration completed:
1. Start to mow the grass after approximately 10 days. You will see when it iss ready to mow. You can control integration status by pulling the CoverLawn and see how grass and CoverLawn are united.
2. You will see when integration is ongoing and completed. CoverLawn will visually disappear when the natural grass takes over. If you pull CoverLawn and you can feel the grass is holding then integration is in progress. When CoverLawn is integrated it will be firmly connected with the grass and you can’t pull it up.
Note: If you use a manual rotation mower the surface must be flat. If you use a ride on mower the integration should be completed before mowing. Use a manual mower until integration is ready.

Maintenance after integration completed:
1. Basic rule is maintenance as usual. Though ‘CoverLawn’ have 2 limitations.
1. Verticutting damages the ‘CoverLawn’ reinforcement.
2. Piping with hole pipes may damage pipes and reinforcement.
2. Use solid pipes and the pipe movement must be vertical.
If you have low growth of grass the surface will be reinforced by the ‘CoverLawn’ only. The sensitive period is during integration between grass and ‘CoverLawn’. By disadvantageous conditions you must support the growth to get a successful integration and a solid surface reinforcement.