Why invest in a green roof? The real benefits…

Green roofs have many public and private benefits when invested in, which have a range of environmental, social and economic impacts. Below I have researched into the benefits of green roofs for you and summarized the main advantages below. Whether you are a resident looking to add greenery to your garden shed, or a town planner hoping to reduce the extent of urbanization; these are the advantages you’ll obtain if you decide to invest in a green roof.

Energy consumption reduction
They act as an added layer of insulation in the winter months, which reduces energy costs directly. Similarly, in the summer months the green roof protects the building from direct solar energy, which has the potential to cool the building by up to 48%. Essentially, green roofs help warm buildings in the inter and cool them in the summer!

Habitat creation
Undisturbed extensive green roofs allow bird species to seek refuge. For instance, Killdeer, a ground-nesting bird, uses green roofs to nest their young. A vegetated rooftop acts as a stepping stone, to creating pathways that connect other patches across city areas to beyond habitats, thus preventing biodiversity fragmentation and the endangerment of species.

Mitigation of Urban Heat Island (UHI) Effect
Urban electric demand increases, as with the temperature, therefore (as green roofs help reduce temperatures during the summer months) electricity demand is also reduced, thus indirectly reducing energy demand, pollution and costs.

Aesthetically Pleasing
When humans view greenery it can have advantages, like reducing stress level, lowering blood pressure, releasing endorphins and release muscle tension. Thus, providing health benefits and improving worker productivity.

Carbon Sequestration
Green roofs are not only aesthetically pleasing, but add a vegetated surface to urban areas, acting as a carbon sink and compensating for the greenery lost to urbanization. Carbon taxes are lessened, and it has been proven that 1ha of green roof can remove up to 85kg of pollutants.

Water Management
Green roofs reduce storm water runoff (as the vegetation layer absorbs excess rainfall), which reduces the likelihood of urban flooding and the need for water mitigation related infrastructures.

Longevity benefit
Green roofs have the potential to last twice as long as a conventional roof, as they cover the waterproofing membrane, provide protection from UV rays and extreme fluctuations in temperature.

Reduction of urban noise
Conventional roofs are more likely to reflect noise, while green roofs absorb the soundwaves. In extensive roofs it’s estimated to reduce noise by 10dB, and thicker green roofs provide no additional effect. Intensive roofs reduce noise by 8-13dB depending on frequency.

Property Value Increases
Greenery on buildings and residential areas has the potential to increase property values by 15-25%. Ultimately, sustainability sells!