Reasons to choose CoverLawn

CoverLawn is the original knitted hybrid turf.

Since 2013 CoverLawn has continued to invest heavily into new machinery and superior materials resulting in a premium quality product that works.

From start to finish every aspect of production, from design, through to manufacture and installation are all carried out to the exacting CoverLawn standards ensuring a quality product that is unrivalled.

CoverLawn comes with expert knowledge and advice before, during and after installation.

Rival products remain unchanged, whilst our products are continually adapted, small tweaks and attention to detail ensures best performance.

We understand that the pile height, the size of the holes, the backing, the colour combinations and materials used are all key to the success of each product. We have an unrivalled understanding of how our products work and why

Our superior materials are Strong and built to last

We are inspired through experience to find solutions CoverLawn® has been installed for hundreds of satisfied customers throughout Europe.  We continue to develop our products on an annual basis, we listen, learn and develop so our customers get the very best from every product.