When’s the best time to lay turf?

Asking when the best time to lay turf is is a common question. Experts say that it is best to lay turf around the mid-autumn time of the year due to the temperate weather – you cannot lay turf in extreme hot weather, or when the ground is wet, or frozen. Milder winter months is a favourable time for laying too, giving the turf a chance to establish it’s roots and settle in before the summer months and grass cutting begins. Of course you can lay turf at any time of the year, however you should wait for the right weather conditions, and plan your preparation accordingly.

The right kind of preparation is vital when laying your turf, and in turn this will deliver a good garden lawn. In anticipation of turfing the area, a few weeks should have passed during which you should have cleared the ground of all weeds and grasses, and made sure they are all gone for good. A strong commercial weedkiller is worth using at this point, just to ensure that they are dead to the roots and unlikely to grow back. It is advised you then dig over the site, one layer of digging is plenty, adding and digging in some kind of organic fertiliser. Lastly, you should leave the ground to settle and level out for at least a few days, treading it over in your boots several times too.

The turf should only be purchased when then ground preparation has been properly done, and the weather forecast has been checked to ensure the best chance of favourable conditions for turf laying. Being careful about such things in the early stages of laying your lawn will pay off in an established healthy and thriving lawn in later times.

After laying the turf you should avoid walking on it for as long as possible, however a few days minimum is sufficient. You should also avoid mowing it for as long as possible as this can lead to problems with the lawn rooting itself – this is why it is best to lay the turf out of the summer months. Finally, ensure that the new lawn gets enough water, if it has been laid in summer time then be sure to water it in the evenings. All these considerations point toward a better time for laying turf to be mind-autumn to mid-spring.