Plumley 2014

Urban Flower Beds Shine At Plumley Station

Plumley Railway Station has won a host of awards over the past few years.  In 2006 it achieved the Cheshire Community Award.  In 2007 the Station won the Frank Roberts Bakery Award.   In 2012 it was awarded the Tidiest Station Award and last year Cheshire’s Best Kept Station Award.

When we were approached by Tony Gabbot, part of the local Community team, we knew we would like to donate something special and suggested trailing some Urban Flower Seeds from our new range.

We sprayed off the designated area with a gentle herbicide and waited for new weeds to come through which were sprayed off again.  At the end of May we prepared the area located just in front of the station on the Altrincham side.  We then sowed our Rainbow Annuals Flower Mix.  All we had to do then was sit back and wait.  It wasn’t long before little green shoots started to appear and within weeks there was a very dense green coverage, once we got to this stage, the flowers started to appear thick and fast and before long there was a wonderful display of colour.

Poppies are very prominent in the mix chosen especially to commemorate 100 years since World 1 and we hope next year we can continue the work started this year by looking at mixes which will compliment the banked shaded areas.