Urban & Environmental Flower Seed

Create beautiful flowering urban meadows from seed, exciting mixes of annual, biennials and perennials will give wonderful colour spring to autumn

We offer a terrific range of Flower seeds for use in public areas or private homes in Urban and Rural areas. The impact created in a very short period of time can be nothing short of spectacular .

Below you will find information for our best selling  annual & perennial seed mixes.   For further mixes and more information please download attached Pdf

Euroflor Catalogue

Rainbow Annuals – for bright vibrant colour 100% annuals

Rainbow Perennials

For more permanent displays 10% annuals 90% perennials

Ground Cover

Low growing height 100% annuals

Sarah Bouquet

Includes over 30 plant species – attracts bees, butterflies & other insects throughout the season

Tenor – Long flowering period – A rich mixture of Annuals Biennuals & Perennials


100% Annuals.  A favourite for bee keepers, farmers and orchard owners who want to keep pollinating insects busy.