There is a choice of 4 different wildflower, sedum and grass mats, designed for use on roof tops.  They will provide biodiversity and this vegetation also provides colour and drought tolerance.  These established plants are already growing in strong felt matting and will flourish in any roof top position. .

Lindum Biodiverse Green Roof Mat

This mixture of wildflowers, herbs, perennials and sedum  strongly attracts pollinators.

This mix is an alternative to pure sedum.  All varieties have been selected to flower from April to September, with a maximum appeal to bumble bees, butterflies and birds.   A flowering height of around 30cm can be expected, and all the varieties present are fully described in the pdf below.  All technical data, including drainage, substrates etc is also shown in detail in the pdf information sheet below.

.For more information about Lindum Wildflower Biodiverse Green Roof Mat  please download our information sheet

Sedum Plus

This pure sedum mat consisits of 16 varietes of sedum to give an ever changing show of colour throughout the year.  It is suitable for lightweight roofs and is made up of low maintenance, low growing plants.  All varietal and technical information is shown on the comprehensive pdf below.

Lindum Low Maintenance Grass Mat

Designed for a low maintenance grass finish.  Made up of slow growing, low maintenance, drought tolerant grasses.  This made be mown if required or left to produce decorative seed heads.  For full technical information is shown on the pdf below.

Lindum Wildflower & Meadow Grass Mat

A taller mix of grasses and wildflowers, flowering from April to September at a height of 40 to 60 cm.  All technical information including varieties and growing requirements are included on the pdf

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