The Versatile Nature of Wildflower Turf


How can we recover from this very wet winter? Eventually the weather will dry up and we can all get back to our normal outdoor routines.

One area of recovery could be the use of wildflower turf  if a new natural meadow has been envisaged for the coming year. Messy preparation work on areas barely dry enough for sowing seed direct could be cut out. Laying the turf direct with a minimum of soil disturbance would ensure a colourful flowering meadow right on time. What a great thought , to produce an attractive area which not only helps to reverse the decline of the natural meadows in this country but also helps birds, butterflies, and bees.

Assuming your conditions are back to normal then one of the most obvious uses of wildflower turf would be to enhance an area of your garden, roadside verge, or even a local village in bloom competition. This could create an ever changing picture as the different varieties in the mix come into their own from Spring  through to Autumn.

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